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Major Project Showcase - Perception

After the mass panic buying of toilet rolls in 2020 and the fuel hoarding in 2021, have you ever thought about how easy it is to have the way you view the world altered by the stimuli around you? Our next Major Project showcase takes us again to an immersive experience that challenges our perceptions of the world. 

Expertly manipulating the space, whether this be through words, sounds, lights or colours, this student project presented a walkthrough art installation. Hosted in Wakefield city centre, the installation aimed to alter the way the audience perceives their environment, image, or depth within a space.

Entering the installation, you were met with a distorted tunnel created by lights that seemed to pull you through, carrying you to an almost outer space environment. Words and patterns sparked the mind to think back to the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the creative use of lighting highlighted the suggestive nature of the media. 

Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022

Nearing the end of the installation, you were transported into an enclosed space surrounded by trailing orbs of different coloured lights. Together, with 360-degree rainforest soundscapes, you were transported to a calm, relaxing world – where we could have stayed forever! 


Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022
Perception, 2022

Perception was an event by:

Bradley Nicholson, BA (Hons) Live Events Production

Once again, thank you to our industry partners who have supported this project:

  • Light Initiatives
  • Avolites
  • Avid Audio
  • HK Elias
  • Epson
  • AV Matrix
  • Litec  
  • Prolights 

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