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  • Duration 2 days
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About this course


The Principles of Lighting course is a 2-day training course designed to give delegates a basic understanding of the principles of lighting in the entertainment industry. Delegates will gain basic understanding in how to start structuring a lighting design for the entertainment industry and will gain a better understanding of the fixtures available to them and their uses in areas of the industry. 

 The course will cover theories such as colour theory and how best to use colour in your work alongside the best practices when it comes to angles of lighting alongside other key design and procedural topics. 

This course is ideal for a wide cross section of people, from established creative industry professionals looking to gain more knowledge in other disciplines to teachers looking to educate their students in the creative industries. 

Topics covered

  • Lighting Positions
  • Fixtures & their use
  • Colour Theory
  • Lighting for Theatre
  • Lighting for Dance
  • Lighting for TV/Film
  • Lighting for Concert Touring


Backstage Academy is based on Production Park in South Kirkby on the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire - perfectly situated in the very centre of the UK with easy access to major cities and airports in Britain by road or rail.

On-site training

All of our training programmes can be delivered at Backstage Academy or at your premises, if suitable (minimum delegate number applies). 

Covid-19 Measures

  • Safer Facilities

    We have adjusted the lay out of our training facilities to bring in a one-way system which encourages social distancing and allows delegates to move about in a safer manner. 

    There is an increased emphasis on hand washing and sanitation therefore extra measures have been brought in to ensure delegates and staff regularly disinfect their hands, as well as regular surface cleaning throughout the whole facility.  

    We will issue each trainee their own notebooks and handouts so that contact is minimal. 

    The classrooms have also been rearranged to allow maximum social distancing between trainees.  

  • On Arrival

    On arrival delegates will be asked to sign a self-declaration assuring us that they are not a known risk of transmission.

    Delegates exhibiting symptoms of the virus will not be allowed to attend Production Park.  

  • Use of PPE

    Although we will do our best to maintain a social distance of at least 2m between delegates, there are elements of practical work that may be undertaken that may require closer distances, just as they will on a real site.  

    Where delegates are learning to perform potentially hazardous activities it is imperative that communication remains loud and clear therefore masks are not always required in the training room. 

    The training rooms are very well ventilated and hand washing will be given the utmost priority whilst working. For this reason, and the ongoing need to communicate clearly, we have decided not to request the wearing of masks in the training rooms. 

    The requirement to wear a mask outside of the training rooms is mandatory. 

  • Food & Drink

    We request that no food or drink is shared between delegates. 

    Tea & Coffee making facilities will be provided, please ensure you do not make a drink for anyone other than yourself to avoid transmission. 

  • Further Questions

    If you have any further questions or would like to raise any concerns then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

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