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The Enquire Learning Trust

Linden Road Academy

Great work by our 1st year Live Visual Design & Production students.

A post by Shannon Harvey yesterday – Live Visual Design and Production Course Leader:

“Excited to see the results of the first major project for the first year BA Live Visual Design & Production students. The group has been working with The Enquire Learning Trust to create an immersive classroom in a primary school. With touch interaction using conductive paint and a curriculum supporting immersive experience. This week they have decorated, fit out and commissioned an 8 HD projector mapped environment covering floor to ceiling with a 11504 x 1200 pixel canvas. Using d3 for content playback and mapping – and Isadora for multi-device show control; they have created the conductive interface for interaction and an OSC based multi-device app for tablet control by the teachers who will give a lesson in the space.

The faculty and staff at Linden Road Academy have had a challenging week with the tragic events in Manchester affecting students, families and teachers alike.

I have appreciated the compassion with which my students have handled this challenge; to work and stay in a community shaken and grieving. The results of their hard work in going to amaze, educate and inspire… I am really proud and looking forward to the showcase tomorrow.”

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