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Industry Leading Mics for Industry Leading Education

Backstage Academy is extremely fortunate to be supported by a range of industry partners who supply equipment and resources to help train and educate our students - the next generation of live events professionals. One such supporter is Shure, the leading manufacturer for live, touring and studio applications.

Whilst Backstage Academy has had a long-standing relationship with Shure, our exclusive sponsorship deal has been in place for just over a year.

The foundation of our relationship is simple. Shure support Backstage Academy with training events, technical knowledge and experience, and access to industry leading Shure audio equipment. In return, Shure benefit from putting their products in front of over 200 students (and future live events professionals) every year.

“As far as I’m concerned, Shure is the market leader for microphones and wireless systems for live performance,” comments Glen Rowe, Managing Director of the Backstage Academy. “With this in mind, it is imperative our students are using the same equipment that is being used on professional stages across the world. Once the students have completed their studies, they will be ready to face the challenges of live sound with a good grasp of industry-standard products, which can only benefit a potential employer.”

How Students Use Shure Products
Backstage Academy benefit from a wide range of Shure’s industry leading live and studio microphones and in-ear monitoring technology as they proceed with their studies, including models from Shure’s SM and Beta wired microphone ranges, the dual-diaphragm KSM8, and PSM1000 in-ear systems.

“We use Shure equipment during the Live Sound module of our Live Events Production degree course where the students are taught about sound in the live events industry over a 6 week period,” said Gareth Welbourne, Technical Director at backstage academy.

“During the module, students are introduced to the basic principles of live sound featuring theory and practical sessions focused on different aspects such as microphone techniques, EQ, speaker placements and micing up a band. The module culminates with a band being brought into the academy for students to mic up, do a line check and then run a show with the band on stage. As one of the leading providers of microphones in the industry, so our students gain exposure to the latest and most relevant equipment that’s out there at the moment.”

Master Classes
An invaluable element of the partnership between Backstage Academy and Shure is the sharing of technical knowledge and experience from the audio experts at Shure. A key example of this are the master classes delivered to students by technical staff from the Shure team. Taking place throughout the year as part of the live sound module, master classes cover a range of subjects including microphone technique; radio microphones, frequencies and setups; and digital audio networks.

These classes are based on the successful Shure Audio Institute educational platform of audio industry training events which Shure have been running for the last six years and provide students and professionals with a thorough grounding in the latest technology in microphones, radio frequency and audio networking.

Open Days
Shure products are also used in a non-teaching context as part of the live show element of our open days. This includes a live sound check and performance by a local band with technical production by our students.

The sound check is showcased in order to demonstrate the process of checking vocal and instrumental sound during which the Shure products being used are referenced.

Shure HQ Visit
In March 2018, a group of our students and staff were lucky enough to be invited to Shure’s HQ in Waltham Abbey, just outside of London. The visit included a guided tour of the premises and a master class on microphones and audio networks.

“It was a fantastic day,” comments Al McNichol, Live Sound Lecturer at Backstage Academy. “Our students got to see the latest products and developments in Shure’s product line and took part in a great masterclass. Our students loved it.”

Backstage Academy is proud to be supported by Shure, one of the biggest and most respected names in the live events industry. Thank you to everyone at Shure for your continued support!

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