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Colour In Noise

Trafalgar Warehouse

There was an amazing exploration of the relationship between audience and performance on Saturday night in Sheffield at the Trafalgar Warehouse.

Backstage Academy 3rd year BA (hons) Live Visual Design & Production students imagined and created Colour in Noise, an immersive interactive sculpture which changed and adapted to human contact with an engaging visual focal point and dynamic soundscape.

We are very proud of all the students who delivered this final year project and we look forward to seeing how their lives progress when they graduate in September.


Colour In Noise was a project conceived and developed by the final year students of the Live Visual Design and Production course. Challenged to deliver an experiential installation or performance within an intensive three-week period, the students created an interactive visual and auditory installation based around the human experience of entropy in the universe. Upon entering the space, the audience were enticed to explore their relationship with the piece and experiment with their control or lack of control of their surroundings.

The work consisted of two central cubes, one a touch sensitive cube with LED integration and the other projection mapped. The interactive cube, built around a wooden frame, integrated 8PL60 addressable pixel tape. Parallel to the LED was the integration of touch sensitive aluminium strips using bare conductive touch board technology. The second cube used four Panasonic projectors with 0.8 lenses to achieve full projection coverage of the cube and ceiling surface.

To complement the visual aspects of the piece, a 4.1 interactive soundscape was designed which was triggered by the touch board.

Congratulations to the students for delivering this fascinating project and a big thanks go to VER, Entec Sound & Light, d3 and Production Park for their support throughout.

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