Welcome To Backstage Academy!

Welcome to our 2021 Entry Applicant Hub! Here you'll find the key bits of information you need to know as you prepare to join us in October. 


Starting your degree is certainly an exciting time. You’ll also have a lot to think about and organise. That’s why we’re here, every step of the way, to make sure you’re feeling great and looking forward to starting your Backstage journey! 

Let's tick off some important tasks. Below, you'll find a checklist of key information and things you need to do before the start of your course. Please read each section carefully and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help!

  • Online Enrolment

    Before starting your course, you must enrol to become an official student at Backstage Academy! 

    To complete our online enrolment process, please log in to the Learner Hub and follow the 'Next Steps' on the homepage. This will ask you to confirm details held by us from your UCAS application and add additional information to help us support you on the course and fulfil our reporting duties. 

    It won't take long to complete but we advise you to use a laptop or tablet, and not a mobile phone so that you can view each section clearly. Detailed instructions on what to do are available when you log in, as well as details of who to contact should you need support. 

    In order for your Backstage Academy and University of Bolton IT accounts to be created by the start of term, you must complete your online enrolment by 09:00 on Monday 27th September. Please note that you will not be able to start your course without completing the online enrolment. 

    Please do let us know if you experience any issues or problems when enrolling by emailing  admissions@backstage-academy.co.uk

    If you receive an enrolment email from the University of Bolton, please ignore this and let us know – so that we can flag this to them.

  • UCAS

    In the coming weeks, your confirmed place at the University of Bolton on UCAS will also change to Backstage Academy to reflect that you will be registered with us instead, under a validation agreement. You may also receive emails from the University of Bolton saying that you have withdrawn from their course – please do not be concerned about these, as this is just a mechanism for transferring you across to Backstage Academy.

    Further details about the change from a franchise to validation agreement with the University of Bolton can be found in a previous letter you will have received via email on 13th August 2021. If you have not received this, please let the admissions team know on admissions@backstage-academy.co.uk  

  • Finance & Funding

    If you have applied for a student loan we will send a notification to the Student Loans Company once you have completed your online enrolment and you are a fully registered student. Your loan payment will be made into your bank account three to five working days after the notification has been sent.

    As part of our commitment to access and widening participation, we offer a range of bursaries and additional financial support for prospective students from underrepresented groups, such as students from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, or mature students (aged 22 or over on starting the course).  

    We also operate a financial hardship fund open to applications from all students, if they are experiencing a financial crisis arising from circumstances outside of their control. 

    For further details regarding bursaries & financial support, please get in touch at enquiries@backstage-academy.co.uk

  • Term Dates & Timetables

    The start of the academic year and your first day onsite will be Monday 4th October 2021. You can find the full term dates for the academic year 2021 - 2022 on the website here

    Your academic timetable for October to December will be available to you in the first week of term and accessed through an onsite IT Induction session. In late September, we will also send you the schedule for the first two weeks of October, to assist you with planning your time.

  • Essential & Recommended Kit List

    All students are expected to own the following equipment at the start of and throughout their course, to ensure they are protected in the practical environment - both onsite and in professional practice and work experience.  

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

    • Steel toe-capped boots
    • Rigger gloves
    • High-vis vest
    • Hard hat/helmet (optional - Backstage Academy has a stock of hard hats for use in practical sessions)

    Take a look at the following suppliers and links for a good place to get kitted up! 

    We recommend that all students have a laptop computer capable of word processing and access to the internet, with a webcam and mic for effective participation in online sessions. 

    If this poses a challenge for you, please get in touch with our Student Support team on student.support@backstage-academy.co.uk

    Additional laptop capabilities (e.g. visual software) are at students’ discretion and are not a requirement of the course - if you do wish to add this, you can speak to your tutor or the technical team for guidance once you start your course.

  • Student Support

    Our Student Services team is here to help and support you throughout your studies! If you have declared a disability, learning difficulty or mental health condition on your UCAS form, our Student Support Officer, Emily, will have emailed you to arrange a 1-to-1 zoom call. 

    This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any worries that you may have, and allows us to ensure you are as best supported as possible during your study. If you have not declared anything via UCAS but would like to have a chat with us about support during your study, please do contact Emily via student.support@backstage-academy.co.uk

    For more information on how we can support you, take a look at our Student Support guide.

  • Your E-Learning Platform

    Start your Backstage journey early! Explore your dedicated E-Learning platform and access a range of pre-recorded videos and bitesize courses to introduce you to the fundamentals of live events. 

    Log in to the E-Learning platform here. 

    In your posted welcome pack, you will have received your login details. Didn’t receive these? Let us know on enquiries@backstage-academy.co.uk and we'll get you up and running! 

  • Campus Tours

    If you have not yet managed to visit us on campus at Production Park, please get in touch to arrange a campus tour and to meet some of the team! Get in touch to book on enquiries@backstage-academy.co.uk

    Alternatively, you can view our virtual campus tour on our Vimeo channel here


Make a great start at Backstage! Our team is busy preparing to welcome you to campus and your new creative community!  Whether that’s through the schedule of Freshers events and welcome activities, or exploring your new home in Wakefield, we’ve got you covered. Your first few weeks of term are all about getting settled in, meeting fellow students and having fun!


    On Monday 4th October, Induction Sessions will take place at the address below:

    Backstage Academy

    Unit 53, Lidgate Crescent

    South Kirkby

    Pontefract, WF9 3NR

    Our Freshers team will be on hand to guide you from Moorthorpe Station if you are arriving there on 9:53 am or 10:20 am trains. If travelling by car, the team will direct you to the best place to park. 

    Our Freshers team have also put together this extra handy interactive Freshers map, to help you get your bearings when getting from each session and event! 

  • Freshers Events & Welcome Activities

    It’s time to get Freshers Week started at Backstage Academy! Alongside welcome talks, inductions and campus tours, our student Freshers team have been busy planning your welcome events & activities for the first week of term!

    By now you will have received your timetable for the first three weeks of terms. Please make sure you refer to this for the full & complete information on when you need to attend sessions and inductions.


    To get you out and about in your new stomping ground in Wakefield, we've put together a fun scavenger hunt that you can complete in your own time. Get a gang together and start exploring! With prizes up for grabs, complete as many on the list as you can and email your snaps to one of your Freshers team, Ellis, on ellis.hunter@students.backstage-academy.co.uk 

    Don't forget to tag @backstageacad and hashtag #BelongBackstage 


    MONDAY 4TH OCTOBER                    


    10.30 - 11.30 am, All Saints 

    Lateral flow testing on campus before we start the day! Please then refer to your timetable for your induction sessions.


    4.30 - 5.30 pm, Studio 002 

    Fill up on a catered BBQ, play some video games on a giant LED wall with your friends or take part in the Roadie Olympics with the chance to win prizes across 6 categories! All students welcome as we kick start the new year! 


    Please refer to your timetable for induction sessions during the day.


    5.30 - 6.30 pm, Studio 002

    That's right. We've got our very own Backstage gameshow! This is one not to miss. Compete in teams to complete challenges themed around classic gameshows with a big prize up for grabs.


    Please refer to your timetable for your induction sessions during the day.


    Please refer to your timetable for your induction sessions during the day.


    TBC, Shooters WF1 1SP

    Join in on a chilled evening of games in a classic American pool hall! We'll have snooker, pool, darts & table tennis in a venue in Wakefield.


    Please refer to your timetable for your induction sessions during the day.


    7pm - late, Six Chimneys WF1 1HX

    We're off for a big night out in Wakefield! Starting at the Six Chimney’s for some drinks and food, and then moving on to bars across the city centre.

  • Chat to a Student

    Want to get some advice or guidance from an expert? You can chat online to our awesome Student Ambassadors and ask about all things student life at Backstage. Whether this is to do with your course, your accommodation or just everyday student life, our group of students are here to help and support you as you settle in. 

    You can find dedicated course group chats, FAQS section and our Ambassadors' snaps of Backstage life on the website here.   

  • Your Student Records

    Once you have confirmed your arrival and are a fully registered student, take the time to log back into the Learner Hub and familiarise yourself with your student record. You can access many of our systems and resources via the Learner Hub, including Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment). 

  • Policies and Procedures

    As a student, you can access all our policies, procedures and other useful information via the website page here. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with these important documents that will support you in your studies. 


 If you've got any questions or queries about joining us in October, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team on enquiries@backstage-academy.co.uk